Delgreta Brown (Amariginal Art)

Delgreta Brown is a Contemporary and Afrofuturism Visual Artist. Her work expresses themes of love, hope, music, prosperity, exploration, navigation, technology and spirituality. Her artwork translates into ethereal portraits, vibrant abstract works or mystical landscapes. Delgreta has exhibited her artwork throughout Northern California, including online in a virtual a virtual experience (Onyx & the Butterfly) and several Art House Abb rental locations in Sacramento.

Liliana Rodriguez (LR Creations)

Liliana is a featured artist with Art House Abb for 3 years. Her works are a commentary on female relationships and touch on the importance of empowerment. She favors acrylic mediums and has created a large body of both public and private works. Many of her framed prints are available at several Art House Abb locations.

Humberto Martinez

Humberto's works are vibrant, expressive journeys. He enjoys detail and many of his works feature life subjects. With a strong discipline in acrylic and graphite mediums, Humberto hopes that his art evokes feelings of joy and appreciation for the the world around us.

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