meet your team

Michael Crockett

Hello, I’m Michael. I'm a fine arts painter from Sacramento. Years ago, myself and a few other artists in the Sacramento area set a plan in motion to combine our passions for fine art and traveling. We started a hospitality business grounded in providing unique lodging experiences for traveling professionals. In 2017, we established the very first Art house in Oak Park.

Since opening our first doors, travelers have absolutely loved the spaces we’ve created. In 2020 we expanded locations and built our tiniest space yet - the Tiny Art House.

Entering another year of operations, we have hosted more than 7,000 travelers and are in 23 locations within the region. Our mission is to celebrate art, support local artists, and connect travelers with quality, memorable accommodation experiences.

Sandra Savetskaya

Sandra has been the operations lead on the Art House team since 2020. Her goal is to bring quality and great communication with every guest interaction. She knows the ins and outs of what it takes to provide stellar hosting services. When coming to the Art Houses, she's there to answer questions, get you settled in and help you on your way to a comfortable, creative lodging experience. She makes the business of hospitality and managing our houses, fun!

Sandra knows that travelers demand clean, comfortable and well cared for homes to stay in. She makes it a goal to ensure that we offer just that; and consistently.

As she always says: "...if I haven't inspected the home, it isn't ready for our guests."

The region’s best hosting management team